A Quick and Easy Weekly Skincare Routine for Lazy People

If you're like me and tend to be on the slothful side, finding time to take care of your skin can be a challenge. But if healthy, radiant skin is what you're after, it is worth spending some time each week pampering your skin. And the good news...

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Get Glowing Skin in 3 Simple Steps

If your skin is dull and tired, you might be feeling hopeless about ever achieving beautiful, glowing skin. You’re busy. You don’t have hours to spend on your skin and hair; you have other things to focus on: family, work, housework… So how to...

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Why It's Time You Gave Handmade Soaps a Shot

Soaps are making a comeback. And if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to chuck out harsh, utterly unnecessary chemicals from your life, it’s time you consider the humble soap bar - soon, you’ll wonder what took you so long. 

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How to Get A Glowing Complexion: Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet

We're all guilty of taking our skin for granted. It does a fine job of shielding us from exposure to nasty things like viruses and bacteria, regulate our body temperature to make sure everything is ticking along and protect our body's internal... Read More

13 Easy Ways to Use Virgin Coconut Oil For Beautiful Hair & Skin

Used for centuries in Asia as a cure-all for almost any ailment, coconut oil is finally getting its well earned turn in the natural beauty spotlight. There are countless studies proving that coconut oil deserves its superfood tag - and with its...

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How Virgin Coconut Oil Can Help Get Rid Of Under Eyes Dark Circles, Brown Spots & Acne

Virgin coconut oil has so many internal and external benefits that it's hard to count them all. Some, like skin moisturizing, may seem obvious but not everyone is aware that virgin coconut oil can also lighten or remove dark circles, eliminate...

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Could Your Hair Products be Causing Acne?

If you’ve been struggling with how to get rid of pimples, you’ve probably tried every trick in the book to try to calm your troubled skin. If it hasn’t been working, then you’re probably incredibly frustrated with the persistent acne that just...

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Common Myths About Hair Loss

People talk. Myths get circulated. Eventually, it can be difficult to separate truth from fiction, which can cause a lot of misinformation, worry, and stress—especially when it comes to a problem like hair loss. Hair loss help is a sensitive...

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Essential Oils for Hair Growth - Can They Help?

If you’ve ever wondered about hair loss and growth, you’re in good company. Millions struggle with hair loss every year, and preventing this problem has created a massive industry focused on hair regrowth. Hair loss is a tough problem to...

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5 Reasons Shampoo Bars for Natural Hair are Underrated

Shampoo Bars for Natural Hair

Did you know that liquid soap and shampoo bars for natural hair are actually very recent inventions? The earliest patented version of liquid soap appeared in 1865, and most of this early cleanser was used for...

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